Offshore Lab Takes Environmental Conservation Campaign to BASUG

………. establishes orchard with 1000 seedlings 

By Bashir Hassan Abubakar 


Offshore Lab, an indigenous chemical supplies service providers, with support from Shell Development Company have carried out an environmental conservation campaign by planting 1,000 tree seedlings and launching of an orchard at the Sa’adu Zungur University Gadau, Bauchi.

During the exercise, Vice Chancellor of the University Professor Fatima Tahir reiterated full commitment of the University to nurturing of the trees and orchard in order to ensure environmental conservation.

The Vice Chancellor commended Offshore Lab for the initiative, which she said it is good to see that the organization have shown interest in the environment and try to conserve it.

According to her, the initiative comes at the right time and that it is in line with the University’s plan of establishing the orchard.

“In as much as the University always has this idea of wanting to establish something like this, I must say that this is the conception of Offshore Lab and also with the support of Shell Development Company”, said the VC

She said the University deemed it necessary to provide space for the establishment of the orchard considering its important not only to the institution, but to the larger community.

Professor Tahir said, “All we did was to give them space for them to establish the orchard. They have done their part, it is now our turn to do our part.”

She therefore urged particularly students of Environmental Conservation Club of the University to take ownership of the orchard, adding that the University is also going to play its own part.

“Nurturing these trees is not going to be your sole responsibility, the University is also going to play its part. But you are going to play a major role in ensuring that these trees that have been are nurtured to grow and useful to the University community and the general public,”

On his part, CEO of Offshore Lab Mr Emeka Obiwulu said the idea of the tree planting exercise was borned out of the desire of the University community to have a green environment, in line with the environmental conservation driver of the Ivory tower.As

As contained in press release issued by the school public relations officer, Auwal Hassan, Mr. Obiwulu emphasized on the need to  take ownership of the orchard so as to ensure sustainability, adding that they will ensure constant monitoring.

He therefore advised the students to adopt the tress as put forward by the Vice Chancellor and take care of it.

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