BACAS Old Students Mourns their Member, Late Elder Simon Harling Karga Who was Laid to Rest in Kaltungo, Gombe State

By Bashir Hassan Abubakar

Amidst praises and tears, the remains of an old student of BACAS (1986-1988), late elder Simon Harling Karga (JP) was laid to rest Friday 7th, January 2022 at Kalorgu, in Kaltungo Local Government Area of Gombe State.

Remains of late Simon Harling Karga arriving family compound

In a heart wrenching tribute to her late husband during a burial service held at ECWA LC Kalorgu, the bereaved widow Mrs. Maryam Simon Harling Karga (JP) said her late was a remarkable man, describing him as dependable, selfless, loving, caring, humble and above all God fearing.

In an emotion laden voice flanked by her children and relatives, Mrs. Karga said “When God was making husbands, he made a soulmate especially for me. Your care and selfless sacrifices just so that our kids and I be comfortable is amazing. But alas, after over twenty years of being together, from now i can only imagine your voice, your face, your warmth and the incredible moments we shared together”.

Mourners at the capacity filled burial service

The tears streaked Mrs Karga further said, “Sweetheart, no one knows me like you. I wish you knew that i will give the world just to hear you call me sweetheart again. Our children are devastated yet thankful for your love and care. I promise to teach them the ways of God. Rest in peace the father of my children”, she concludes.

Also speaking, an ex student of BACAS and a childhood friend of the deceased, Mr. Ali Andrew Madugu said late Simon had premonition about his death some days before he died.

“Just few days before he died, i was in Abuja and in a routine phone conversation with him,  he insisted that i should sent my son to collect my land title papers that he had been keeping in trust for me. When i asked him why the rush, at least let him wait until I get to Gombe, he said no. That my son should come and collect it and that he would just keep the photocopy of the land papers. That was how i sent my son to collect the original land titles from late Simon at his insistence.

Remains of late Simon Harling Karga arriving ECWA LC Kalorgu

“The other action of the deceased that pointed to the fact that he had a premonition of his death was when i called to inform him i was coming to Gombe and he said he was coming to pick up at the airport. He did and we drove around the metropolis in a sight seeing mood, we stopped at the market and he made some purchases which to me was odd. He bought so many white fabrics and white shoes, socks etc. My curiosity gets the better of me and i then asked him, what is it with him and purchasing of white things and he laughed and said to me “you won’t understand”.

Madugu said he takes solace in the knowledge that his bosom friend-turned brother had lived a fulfilled life in service to God and humanity and that the positive legacies he left behind will always be remembered by those he came in contact with during his sojourn on earth.

He also prayed for the repose of the soul of his friend-turned brother and the immediate family the strength to bear the irreparable loss.

Ali Andrew and some sympathisers shortly after burial service

There were other heart-warming testimonies from the clergy, his professional colleagues in his chosen career as an accountant and members of staff from his office.

Representatives of the old students, Alhamdu Durami, Ali Andrew and Bashir Hassan Abubakar, shortly after the burial service

BACAS Old Students Forum were represented during the burial service by the Interim Secretary of the Forum, Bashir Hassan Abubakar, Alhamdu Durami and Ali Andrew Madugu (Lili Maro).

Late elder Simon Harling Karga  was born on the 9th September, 1966 and died on the 4th of January, 2022.

He is survived by his wife Maryam Harling Karga and four children namely: Mrs. Purity Amos, Dulkebe Simon Harling, John Simon Harling and Rahila Simon Harling. The Harlings are also blessed with four grand children.

Late elder Simon Harling Karga

Until his death, Late Simon Harling Karga was a Director in the Local Government Treasury Account Department in the Gombe State Civil Service.

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