Governor Wike Tongue Lashes FG, Says Nigeria Lacks Good Leadership

Bashir Hassan Abubakar

Rivers state Governor, Nyesom Wike has taken a swipe at the Federal Government, declaring that the country lacks a strong and vibrant leadership and hence the throes that Nigerians are going through.

Nyesom Wike stated this in Bauchi during a private visit Governor Bala Mohammed on Saturday adding that, what Nigeria needs is strong and focused leadership to be able to overcome challenges bedeviling the country. He pointed that Nigeria and Nigerians had never had it so bad.

Wike said non of the critical sectors of Nation is getting it right which according to him “is due to weakness of the Federal government which has failed to provide good governance, thereby brewing insecurity, inflation , infrastructural decay, nepotism and all manner of a failed system.

The Rivers State Governor said that this is what obtains when you have a President that is being barricaded by proxies that won’t allow him to know what is happening around.

“Imagine a President who does not know what is going in the country as he is seated in Aso Rock Villa, but running the administration and commissioning makeshift projects virtually, without physically ascertaining the projects”, questioned Wike.

According to the Governor, “What Nigeria requires now is leadership, if you have a strong leadership, most of the problems will be solved. We don’t have leadership, a good leadership is the one who can take decisions” .

He stressed that, “Part of the problems we have today is that we don’t know whether we have a leadership that takes decision, you hear people take decisions on behalf of the President”.

Wike added, “I am surprised that the President signed trillions of Naira to procure arms, but the arms were not purchased under the then Service Chiefs and nothing was done, at the end of the day, he compensated them with ambassadorial appointments, what kind of a country is this, what kind of leadership?

Wike also lambasted the anti corruption slogan associated with the current administration saying, “as it is now, if you steal in PDP, you are a criminal but as soon as you join the APC, you are no longer a thief, what kind of system is that, is that good leadership, no, nobody does that”.

The Rivers State Governor was particularly irked on how the judiciary is being harassed under the current administration.

“It is quite disturbing that the President could not come out to condemn the recent invasion of the house of a Supreme Court Justice. So, leadership is the issue, the moment we have a strong leadership, then you know that you are going on the right track”, said Governor Wike.

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