Bauchi Government Proposed N195.3 Billion Budget to State Assembly

By Bashir Hassan Abubakar

Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State has today presented a proposed 2022 Budget of N195,355,607,143 :00 to the State House of Assembly for consideration.

In a speech before presenting the budget , the Governor said that the Recurrent Expenditure received N8 4,375,180,518 :00 or 43 percent ,while Capital Expenditure gulp the sum of N110,620,426,625:00 ,representing 57 percent.

“The 2022 budget, tagged “Budget of Consolidation and Continues Commitment” is lower than that of the current year by about 8.5 percent”, said the Governor.

According to him, the reduction was arrived at in order to align government’s projections with the current economic realities inline with the ability to meet anticipated revenues.

He further said that the process of the preparation of the budget has been all inclusive saying, “Budget Public Hearings were conducted in the three Senatorial Districts where input s from Stakeholders were elicited and incorporated into the Budget” .”

“The sum of N100,893,132,559.25 is estimated as Recurrent Revenue made up of Internally Generated Revenue N24,494,940 , 253; Statutory Allocation N66,938,107 , 748; VAT N15,608,321 , 097 totaling N107,541 ,369,098.

According to the Governor, Recurrent Expenditure Estimates is a total sum of N84,735,180 , 519 is earmarked for Recurrent Expenditure made up of

Personnel Cost N37,004,732,2 26 and Overhead Cost of N47,730,448 , 292 totaling N8 4,735,180 , 519.

He also disclosed that It is projected that the State will realize Capital Receipts in the sum of N 71,926,293,537 in the areas: Loans (Internal & External) N37,359,24 4 , 994; Aids and Grants N27,035 ,467 , 936; Other Capital Receipts N7,531 ,580 , 607 totaling the sum of N71,926,293,537.

The Governor assured that the government will not embark on new project during the 2022 fiscal year unless it becomes absolutely necessary stressing that the focus of the budget is to complete all ongoing projects across the state.

Governor Mohammed then solicited the continuous support and cooperation of the legislators in the efforts of his administration towards the development of the State and in improving the lives of its citizens.

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