Ex International Boxer Urges FG to Resuscitate Sports Development in Nigeria

By Obiagwu Chrys

Ex International Boxer Mazi Comrade Ikechukwu Okoronkwo has decry the dwindling morale of sportsmen and women in Nigeria, calling on the Federal Government to demonstrate the sincere positiv in Youth and Sports Development.

Speaking to the newsmen in his residence in Enugu today, Mazi Okoronkwo expresses pains and disappointment saying ,“It is now clear that Nigeria have failed again to participate in another International sports event that is designed to build the capacity of the boxers throughout the world”

The failures he said, have pushed the national boxers to the extreme which according to him may be dangerous for the nation.

Mazi Okoronkwo lamented that, “Nigerian boxers were not seen at Toyko Olympics due to Government inadequate action and now again Nigeria is not participating in World Boxing Championship at Belgrade due to same Government inadequate action”

In proffering solution to the quagmire, Mazi Comr Ikechukwu Okoronkwo advised that both the Federal Ministry of youth and Sports Development and National Assembly to create sincere Financial independence for the Nigeria Boxing Federation (NBF) so that NBF will know who to hold accountable or responsible for any short comings.

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