Tangale Elders Talks Tough on Security, Welfare of Billiri Community of Gombe State

By Bashir Hassan Abubakar

The sociocultural umbrella body of Tangale people of Gombe State, including those in diaspora, known as Tangale Community Development Association (TCDA) and it’s Board of Elders has taken a swipe at the involvement of Vigilante group from other parts of the state in the security arrangements of Billiri Local Government Area of Gombe State.

The Association also condemned the proliferation of non indigenous Business Community in the reconstruction of Billiri market razed down during the February 2021 mayhem under the Build Operate and Transfer system, describing the process as fraud with injustice.

A member of the board of Trustees of the Tangale Community Development Association, Dr Daniel Madu stated this today, at a press conference in Bauchi.

Dr. Daniel Madu

Dr. Madu who said that their position was part of a communique reached at the end of a joint meeting of the board of trustees and board of elders of the Association noted that the involvement of a security outfit called “Yan Tauri” from other areas in managing the security of Billiri LGA is illegal and demanded its immediate removal.

The communique also demanded the immediate transfer of the DPO of Billiri Division of the Nigerian Police Force because of what it described as the “lukewarm attitude he is exhibiting on issues affecting security situations of Tangale people, whose 90 percent of it’s population are Christians and Traditionalists”.

On the proliferation of non indigenous Business community, Dr. Madu said that TCDA had noted that a consortium known as Kano Business Community are attempting to execute the reconstruction of Billiri market without involving members of the community, a development which the association said is tantamount to mortgaging the future of the Tangale Nation.

TCDA also said that Mallam Danladi Sanusi Maiyamba (the paramount ruler of Tangale Nation), who is assuming the position of the “Mai Tangle” has no power to institute such a project which was purely within the purview of the local government council that owns the market, couple with the fact that his position is being contested in the court and any such action is seen as a contempt of court.

The communique read in part: “Also TCDA noted with dismay the religious bias exhibited by the delegates of the Kano Business Community who came with relief materials and distributed it only to our Muslim brothers in a Community where over 90 percent are Christians and members of both faiths were affected by the loses incurred as results of the February disturbance”.

“Video evidence presented by the State Muslim counsel also showed that most of the non-Indigenes had packed their goods from the stalls before they were burnt.

“Most disturbing and unheard of governance, was the resolve by the state government that 80 percent of the bill for the compensation would be borne by Billiri local government.

“In effect therefore, the government of Gombe state under his excellency, Mohammed Yahaya had found the people of Billiri local government guilty before receiving the report of his own commission of enquiry and given them collective punishment. Equally disturbing is the over bloated compensation that was paid which was not commensurate with the loses incurred”, the communique highlighted.

Recall that Billiri market was gutted by fire on February 2021 due sectarian crises , which occurred as a result of mishandling of the appointment of Mallam Danladi Sunusi Maiyamba for the position of “Mai Tangle” (Paramount Ruler of Tangale People), a development which is currently being contested in the Courts.

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