The Glitterati and Razzmatazz of a Week-Long Wedding Ceremony in Bauchi

By Bashir Hassan Abubakar

Bauchi metropolis was agog with fanfare and pageantry all through last week and early part of this week. There were visitors from all walks of life that troop in to be part of the wedding ceremony of the daughter of the state Governor, Dr. Hauwa Bala Mohammed.

The ceremony attracted crème de la crème of society from far and near. Three first ladies from Gombe, Kebbi and Adamawa States were also in attendance.

The couple

It could be recalled some months ago, the father of the bride, Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State surprised his immediate family, friends and associates when elders from the family of groom came to Bauchi to seek the hand of marriage for their son. Traditionally, after such visits, family of the bride will fix a later date for the wedding Fatiha, but the governor shocked his visitors, his immediate family and all those that were present that day by summoning an Imam to go ahead and conduct the Nikah, there and then, to the pleasant surprise of the groom party.


Shortly after the Fatiha, governor Bala was quoted to have said that it was the ideal thing to do, in accordance with Islamic injunction.

“Why wait to carryout something that can be done now. Besides, we are experiencing the Covid 19 pandemic, when we are supposed to be wary of large gatherings and such wedding Fatihas attracts crowds. I wish to crave the indulgence of my family, friends, associates and other will wishers for taken an impromptu decision to conduct the wedding Fatiha of my daughter”, said the father of the bride.

That pleasant impromptu Nikah that took people unawares, set in motion, a carefully planned wedding ceremony put together by the mother of the bride and First Lady of Bauchi , Hajiya Aisha Bala Mohammed. She took her time in the planning of the ceremony. Party goers, especially among the women folks, thought that no wedding celebrations will take place after all.



Bauchi First Lady, stepping out to one of the events

Perhaps the mother of the bride wanted to shocked her friends, associates and other well wishers too, like her husband did with the impromptu wedding Fatiha, and shocked, they were.

The bride, Dr. Hauwa Bala Muhammad, first female child of the Governor, graduated from Batterjee Medical College Jidda, in Saudi Arabia in 2019, with speciality in Dentistry

The Bride

So, after months of long silence, Gbedu goers were pleasantly flabbergasted when the first lady unveiled a week long activity to celebrate the wedding of Hauwa, also fondly called Ummita by family and close friends.

At the Walimah

The ceremony commenced with a “Walimah”, where a feast was organised for family members and friends of the first family. Amidst sumptuous meals served, Islamic clerics were on hand to offer supplications for the couple and preached the virtuous of matrimony. It was a sober moment, not only for couple, but also for invited guests when a renowned Sheik, Dr. Ibrahim Disina reminded everyone at the feast on responsibilities associated with the institution of marriage and also enjoined the couple to live their new life according to the example of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Other clerics further reiterated the call of Dr. Disina with relevant quotations from the Holy Qu’ran and Hadiths.

Bride’s Mother appreciating Islamic clerics after Walimah Feast

A day after the memorable Walima feast, the Bauchi Polo club also hosted a game in honour of the couple. The game attracted lovers of Polo from within and outside the State in an atmosphere of camaraderie. Team Blue tagged “Bride’s Team” won the game against the groom’s team after several chukkas, amidst cheers from the supporters of team blue.

Though it could not be confirmed by Daily Chronicle, a close source to the family also disclosed that interested visitors at the week long ceremony were treated to a Safari drive at the famous Yankari Resort and Safari.

The Couple at the Polo Game in their honour

The next major event in the series of activities marking the wedding ceremony of Ummita and her groom Mohammed Lawal was the traditional “Kamu/Sakun Lal’le”.

Sakun Lal’le

This is one event that is so close to the heart of the mother of the bride, first lady of Bauchi, Dr. Aisha Bala Mohammed and the planning of that particular event was meticulous as observed by Daily Chronicle. The tone of the event was set to depict Hausa, Fulani and Kanuri culture and tradition, where the bride was beautifully being made up in henna designs on her arms and fingers, followed by the spraying of exotic perfumes amidst ululations, banters and cheers. The venue of this important cultural event was decked in beautiful colours, lightings and rugs all over. There were no chairs or tables, but rugs and throw pillows that served as the sitting arrangements. Local musicians, dancers and praise singers were on hand to entertain guests. The event, mostly attended by the female folks, was characterised by beautifully adorned women in fine dresses amidst a potpourri of exotic fragrances, elegance, style and fashion in a classic setting, depicting centuries of culture and tradition. The wives of the governors of Kebbi State, Aishatu Atiku Bagudu, Adamawa , Lami Ahmed Fintiri, Gombe, Asmau Inuwa Yahaya, among others, were all in attendance, flanking the proud mother of the bride and wife of Bauchi State Governor, Aisha Bala Mohammed, who was the chief hostess.

Mother of the bride, flanked by first ladies of Kebbi, Gombe and Adamawa States

It was evidently clear, as observed by Daily Chronicle, that the chief hostess was elated by the shower of love, encomiums and presence of guests at the event. All the first ladies took turns to advise the couple and wished them a blessed married life, devoid of rancour and challenges, that is usually associated with new young couples.

Mother of bride and family friends appreciating henna designs on bride’s hands

The week long ceremony reached it’s crescendo last Monday with a cultural fiesta and turbanning of the bride with the traditional title of “Zinariyar Sarauniyar Bauchi” by her Mother, who is also holds the traditional title of the first “Sarauniyar Bauchi”, conferred on her by the Emir of Bauchi, HRH Dr. Rilwanu Sulaimanu Adamu.

Mother of the bride and First Sarauniyar Bauchi

The ceremony ,which took place at the Conference Hall of the new Sultan Sa’ad Abubakar Hajj Camp, Bauchi attracted the bride’s father, Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State and his associates.
Speaking at the occasion, Governor Bala expressed gratitude to friends and well wishers who attended the reception.

The bride and her Father, Governor Bala Mohammed

He equally appreciated all who contributed to the success of the event especially the organizing committee and appealed for prayers for the couple.

“So many people have contributed positively to this occasion by donations and giving contributions to me even though they know I am the Governor and Allah has blessed me in all respect.

The Couple

“They brought chickens, they brought cash, they brought Rams, they brought cows and some brought clothes and so many refreshments numerous to mention.

Governor Bala and Associates exchange banters with his wife

“Today what we have been given is so enormous that it makes me wonder whether I really need all these things, but certainly the fact that I have been given all these gifts is an attestation of good Will and I will not take it for granted.

The bride and her father

“I deeply appreciate everyone on behalf of myself, the bride and the bride groom and my extended family and all well wishers”, said the father of the bride.

Also, while advising the couple in an emotion laden voice, the mother of the bride and Bauchi State first lady, Hajiya Aisha Bala Mohammed said that, marriage is one of the most important aspect in everyone’s life, urging Muslims couples to abide by the teaching of Islam in their unions.

Bride’s family and friends flanked couples

The state first lady particularly urged the bride to be an obedient and righteous wife to her husband and obey the teaching of prophet Muhammad (SAW) in her matrimonial home. The First Sarauniyar Bauchi also implore the groom to do his best in living up to his responsibilities and to also protect his family to the best of his ability .

Mother of bride extending her blessings to the bride

Also speaking, the mother of the groom , Hajiya Rahmatu Lawal Adamu congratulated the couple, and urged them to be good ambassadors of their respective families.

The bride and bridegroom

Both the bride, Dr. Hauwa Bala  Muhammed and her groom , Muhammed Lawal expressed their gratitude to Almighty Allah for letting them witness their marriage ceremony in an atmosphere of love and friendship.

The Couple

Other speakers include, the First Ladies of Kebbi State, Aishatu Atiku Bagudu, Adamawa , Lami Ahmed Fintiri, Gombe, Asmau Inuwa Yahaya among others, who took turns to advised the couple and wished them well in their marriage.

Daily Chronicle was reliably informed that the ceremony will continue in Abuja, where the groom’s family will pick up from where the bride’s family stops in hosting friends and well wishers to yet another event.


The much awaited wedding ceremony of Dr. Hauwa’u and her groom Mohammed has come and gone, but it’s memories will linger in the minds so many for a long time, especially considering the razzmatazz and the glitterati that accompanied the week long ceremony.

Daily Chronicle also wish the couple the very best as they enter the marriage institution, cheers.


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