Entrepreneur Trains 100 Almajiri’s in Offering Cashless Mobile  Banking Services 

By Bashir Hassan Abubakar

In an effort to checkmate the persistent roaming about of the Almajiri child in some metropolitan areas of the country, a microfinance entity known as top cashless mobile banking , Bizi Mobile have trained empowered no fewer that 100 Almajiris in Kano to be self reliant.

This is in line with the Federal Government’s push for financial inclusion all over the country through mobile transactions.

Chief Executive Officer of the company, Alhaji Aminu disclosed this to our correspondent in phone interview with our correspondent on Monday.

“If you recall, the Federal Government made a step on efforts to reform the Almajiri and Tsangaya system of education for full integration into the mainstream western education system.

“In line with the aforementioned moves of the Federal Government, Bizi Mobile Cashless Consultant LTD has made its effort to empower Kano State Almajiri’s to become agent bankers,” he said.

Aminu Aminu Bizi, the CEO of Bizi Mobile Cashless Consultant LTD, who inaugurated this in Kano State, said that under the new plan of transformation of Almajiri into the agency’s banking activities, will help government on its effort and will help to eradicate poverty as well as create employment in the society.

The MD/CEO said that the state government had earlier banned street hawking and begging, unfortunately without an alternative

He noted that getting all Almajiris off the streets, would involve developing a system and alternatives, where they can study and at the same time be independent.

“This will enable them to become better citizens and live a quality life in future,” he added.

One of the Almajiris who spoke to our correspondent, Abubakar Ma’iko said that they have already started working, collecting revenues from tricycle riders (Keke NAPEP). He appreciated Alhaji Aminu Bizi for transforming their lives.
“We are grateful to Alhaji Aminu Bizi, who has contributed immensely to our lives. We are no more begging to survive, but earning through mobile banking,” he said.


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