Atiku’s Aide Segun Showunmi Condoles Governor Dapo Abiodun over Father’s Death


By Bashir Hassan Abubakar

The spokesperson, Atiku Abubakar for President, Chief Segun Showunmi has condole Governor of Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun over the death of his father, late Dr Emmanuel Adesanya Abiodun.

A condolences statement read by chief Showunmi at the Ogun State Government House said , “I had to do a deep search to know what to say, for I love to own my thoughts and words for posterity sake.

In a short eulogy accorded the deceased, chief Showunmi said, “I am convinced that a nobleman raised you, having been around our beloved Ogun State for so long, watching and observing the activities of your last three predecessors, and seeing the level of tolerance, forbearance and calmness with which you have especially managed to treat all and sundry under your watch in Ogun State . I became convinced that it must be down to your upbringing, to which you can be justly proud.

“Your beloved father is one of the fortunate parents who have had the privilege of watching their son become the executive Governor of our Ogun in his lifetime; what a happy man he must have been sitting beside you as you took the oath of office.

“In the following days and weeks to come, as you prepare the befitting rite of passage for him, I am sure that many kind words will be spoken about the disciplined teacher and committed educator that he was. I bid you to keep the accolades in mind and use them as a pivot to help you remember that you are the son of godly heritage, and as such, you must be above board in all things, especially on the high pedestal of the office of Governor.

“The paintbrush of history is firmly in your hand, do endeavour to leave a praiseworthy legacy”, said chief Showunmi.

He concluded his message with a prayer that, “may the soul of your father Rest In Peace.

“And may the peace of God be with you and your family.

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