Don’t Publicise Immoral Acts in Society…..Dr. Rijiyar Lemu Cautions Muslim Journalists 

Don’t Publicise Immoral Acts in Society…..Dr. Rijiyar Lemu Cautions Muslim Journalists 

By Bashir Hassan Abubakar

Dr. Muhammad Sani Umar Rijiyar Lemu

A renowned international Islamic scholar, Asheikh (Dr) Muhammad Sani Umar Rijiyar Lemu has cautioned Muslim journalists to desist from publicising immoral acts through their reportage.

Dr. Rijiyar Lemu, who sounded the caution at the ongoing annual Ramadan Tafseer in Gwallaga Mosque Bauchi, said that, a situation where journalists go out of their ways in giving an explicit account of crimes like rape, sodomy, lesbianism, prostitution etc, amounts to publicising such immoral acts and making it attractive to some segments of people in the society.

The scholar disclosed that Allah (SWA) has revealed in the Holy Qur’an that publicising immoral acts attracts heavy punishment in the hereafter.

He therefore admonished Muslim Journalists to always exercise restraint in the course of practicing their profession so that they don’t incur the wreath of Allah (SWA).

“It is now very common to hear or read about victims or culprits of crimes like sodomy, incest, prostitution, lesbianism, rape et al in radio, television or print media, prompted by journalists, giving graphic details of what happened during such despicable acts.

“Publicising such graphic accounts makes some of these crimes attractive to some dubious minds and so, such immoral acts in the society will keep increasing.

“Allow the law to take it’s course, without necessarily publicising such immoral acts in the society, said Rijiyar Lemu.

Our correspondent reports that, the cleric supported his summon with relevant quotations from the Holy Qur’an, especially quotes from Suratul A’raaf, Yunus and Hud, where the story of Prophet Lut was adequately captured, to serve as deterrent to those who disobey Allah (SWA).


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